Synthesis of Zingerone via Catalytic Hydrogenation

Set up a 500 mL upturned jar filled with hydrogen gas, the jar needs to be partly immersed in water, connect it to argon flushed 2-neck RBF sealed from all endings with corks. To the RBF add 20 mL of ethyl acetate, 5.1 g of sodium acetate, 5 g of dehydrozingerone and 0.5 g of 5% Pd/C catalyst. Start vigorous stirring and open the hydrogen valve, as the hydrogen gets consumed add more of it to the gas jar. The mixture is then filtered and washed with 40 mL of water, the catalyst can be reused, the aqueous phase is discarded and the solvent is evaporated from the organic layer. Recrystallize in an ethanol-water mixture.



The hydrogen container partially immersed in water


Hydrogenation over 24h


The crude product


The recrystallized product

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