Synthesis of Yttrium(III) nitrate

2.5 g yttrium(III) oxide is suspended in 20 mL of water, whereto 4.5 mL of concentrated nitric acid is added, with stirring and the mixture is heated to 50°C. After the mixture clears up, the volume of the solution is reduced to 10 mL with gentle heating. The resulting supernatant solution is dried in a vacuum desiccator. The salt is obtained in a hexahydrate form.

Yb2O3 + 6 HNO3 = 2 Yb(NO3)3 + 3 H2O

Yb(NO3)3 + 6 H2O = Yb(NO3)3 · 6H2O


The suspension

Concentration of the solution

The pure product

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