Synthesis of Thymyl Methyl Ether

To a reflux apparatus add 18.7 g of thymol and a solution made from 5.3 g of NaOH and 50 mL of water, stir the mixture until dissolved and add 23,3g of methyl tosylate, reflux for 3h. Methyl tosylate acts as the methylating agent in this reaction. Cool the mixture down and extract the crude product twice with 40 mL of diethyl ether, dry the solution with anhydrous calcium chloride and vacuum (15 mmHg) fraction distill the solution by collecting the fraction of 94-96°C.



The phenolic solution

DSCF2159 DSCF2160

Refluxing the mixture


Extraction of the crude product with the solvent


The etheric solution ready to be distilled


The distillate


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