Synthesis of Tetrahydrocarbazole

To a reflux apparatus equipped with an addition funnel add 54 mL of acetic acid and 15.5 mL of cyclohexanone, to the addition funnel add 15 mL of phenylhydrazine, the addition should be conducted over the course of 1h while the solution is refluxing. Then pour the solution into 500 mL of ice, filter, wash with 100 mL of cold water and 50 mL of cold ethanol and dry the product. Recrystallize the crude product from boiling ethanol with some decolorizing activated carbon.



The reflux apparatus

DSCF2841 DSCF2842 DSCF2843

Refluxing the solution


The crude product precipitated while pouring it to the ice


The recrystallized and decolorized product

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