Synthesis of Succinimide

Add 186 g of succinic acid to RBF, place the beaker in an ice bath and start adding 220 mL of 26% ammonia slowly. Assemble short path distillation without a condenser, add some boiling chips. Heat the mixture under a small flame to distill off all the water. When the temperature reaches over 100°C the mixture darkens. Switch the receiver and collect everything that comes off before yellow fumes temp 280-300°C. Cool down to room temperature and place the receiver into a freezer for 24h, recrystallize the crude succinimide in hot ethanol. Then filter the crystals and wash with 40 ml of cold ethanol.


Succinic acid reacted with ammonia to produce ammonium succinate

Set up the distillation apparatus, receiver is in cold ice bath

Water coming off

Ammonium suiccinate decomposing to suiccinimide

When yellow fumes start to form, the distillation is complete

Crude succinimide

Cool down in a freezer

Recrystallize in hot ethanol, evaporate some and freeze for overnight

Filtering and washing the product

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