Synthesis of Sodium Nitrotetrazolate

20 g of copper nitrotetrazolate is suspended in 250 mL of water, the mixture is basified to a pH of 9 with a concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide. The mixture is then heated at 90°C for 2 h, vacuum filtered with celite and the residue is discarded. The filtrate is acidified with conc. nitric acid, evaporated down to 100 mL with a water bath and then put in a freezer to crystallize the product out. The crude product is then recrystallized twice from water and then with acetone.

Cu(CN5O2)+ 2 NaOH= 2 NaCN5O+ CuOH

CuOH + Δt = CuO


Basification of the suspension

The basified solution

Heating the mixture


The filtrate

Evaporation of the water


The crude product

Recrystallization from acetone

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