Synthesis of Procaine

Put 9.9 g of benzocaine to reflux apparatus equipped with plastic septum followed by 9.6 g of dimethylethanolamine with strong stirring, start heating the solution. When the solution turns completely clear inject 4 mL of 70% sodium ethoxide in ethanol. After 1.2 h of reflux, the solution has become very cloudy, remove from heat and cool down in an ice bath, when the solution has cooled down slowly add 6 mL of 6M hydrochloric acid. After addition place the flask to a water bath and start heating it. When the solution almost becomes very hot remove from the water bath and cool it down to room temperature in an ice bath. After which add 10 mL of butanone to it and stir vigorously, after 5 minutes pour the mixture into a separatory funnel and discard the bottom layer. Evaporate to dryness in a smaller beaker and add some water, stir, and filter. Recrystallize with hot ethanol



Adding the dimethylethanolamine to the benzocaine


Adding the sodium ethoxide solution


After the reflux the mixture has turned cloudy


Cool it down in an ice bath and slowly add the HCl


Then make the solution hot by placing the flask in a hot water bath


Then add the butanone

Bottom layer was discarded and the top layer was evaporated to dryness and then cold water was added to it with stirring then filtered the mixture


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