Synthesis of p-Anisic acid

In a beaker 20 g of sodium hydroxide is dissolved in 25 mL of cold water and it is cooled to room temperature, then with vigorous stirring 35 mL of p-anisaldehyde is added to the solution and the mixture is left to stand for 24h. The crystalline solid is dissolved in some hot water and the impurities are removed with 4 x 25 mL ethyl ether. To the aqueous solution, excess dilute sulfuric acid is added until no more precipitate forms, the mixture is filtered. The powder is then suspended in saturated sodium carbonate solution and brought to boil, the solution is then cooled down and filtered. The crude product is recrystallized from hot ethanol.



The combined chemicals


The hardened salt


The crude product in suspension with the sodium carbonate solution


The recrystallized product

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