Synthesis of N-cyanoacetyl-N, N’-dimethylurea

25  g of N, N’-dimethylurea, 25 g of cyanoacetic acid and 45 mL of acetic anhydride are heated in an RBF  at 100-110°C in an oil bath for 1.5h. The RBF must be equipped with a condenser and a calcium chloride drying tube. Then the acetic anhydride and the formed acetic acid, are distilled off under reduced pressure. After which the brownish residue is poured into an anhydrous mixture of 50 mL of ethanol and 17 mL of diethyl ether. The solution is placed in a refrigerator in order to crystallize the crude product out. The product may then be recrystallized with warm ethanol.


Heating the solution

The crude product

The recrystallized product

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