Synthesis of m-Nitroaniline

To a beaker add 5.3 g of sodium hydrosulfide, 2.8 g of NaOH, 4.3 g of sulfur and 65 mL of water with stirring, the solution is heated to almost boiling and the solution is cooled down and poured into an addition funnel. To a beaker add 10.6 g of m-dinitrobenzene and 85 mL of water, heat the solution to boiling with stirring and start the addition, after the addition boil and stir the mixture for additional 20 minutes. Pour the cooled down mixture into boiling 60 mL of water 30 mL 20% HCl solution and stir until only sulfur remains in the solution, filter and basify the filtrate with conc. ammonia until no more nitroaniline precipitates. Filter and wash with some cold water, recrystallize from 1:1 water-ethanol solution.



The sodium polysulfide solution


Combining the compounds


Filtration of the mixture


Purification of the crude product


The crude product


The recrystallized product

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