Synthesis of Isopropyl Nitrite

Dissolve 72 g of sodium nitrite in 120 mL of water with stirring in 500 mL RBF, pour 90 mL of isopropyl alcohol into a beaker, add 35 mL of conc. HCI to the beaker cool down to -5°C. Cool the nitrite solution in an ice bath, slowly start to add the acid mixture with stirring. Keep the temperature below 5°C. After the addition, pour the solution into a separatory funnel, discard the aqueous layer, wash with 40 mL of sodium bicarbonate solution and repeat the wash. Dry the yellowish isopropyl nitrite with anhydrous magnesium sulfate. Distill to purify, store in a freezer.



Addition of the acid-alcohol mixture


Addition of the acid-alcohol mixture

The reaction is complete


Layer separated, upper layer is the isopropyl nitrite


Washing twice with the neutralizing solution


Drying the product


The dry isopropyl nitrite

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