Synthesis of Indan-5-carboxaldehyde (2,3-Dihydro-1H-indene-5-carboxaldehyde)

10 g of indane is dissolved in 100 mL of DCM and cooled down to 0°C in an ice bath. With vigorous stirring, 15 mL of SnCl4 is added all at once with a syringe, followed by a dropwise addition of 7.65 mL dichloromethyl methyl ether over the course of  10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the ice-bath is removed and 125 mL of ice-water is added to the mixture. The aqueous layer is discarded, and the organic layer is washed with 3x 100 mL of water, 3x 50 mL of 10% HCl and 2x 50 mL of brine solution. The organic solution is stirred with activated carbon and filtered. The solvent is removed by distillation and a fraction of 146°C -148°C is collected as the pure product.


The pure product

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