Synthesis of Denatonium Chloride from Lidocaine

To a reflux apparatus add 25 g of lidocaine, 60 mL of water and 17.5 g of benzyl chloride with stirring and heating in 70-90°C. The solution needs to be heated and stirred in the before given value for 24 h, the solution needs to be cooled down to 30°C. The unreacted reagents are removed with 3×10 mL of toluene. Evaporate the solution down and dry in open air. Dissolve the crude product in hot chloroform or hot ethanol with stirring, filter the sodium chloride off and evaporate the solution down to collect the product. Recrystallize again.



Heating the mixture with vigorous stirring for 24 h


Removal of the unreacted reagents

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