Synthesis of Cyclohexanol from Cyclohexanone

To a beaker immersed in an ice bath 200 mL of ice-cold ethanol and 41.2 mL of ice-cold cyclohexanone are added, to an addition funnel ice-cold solution of 7.2 g of sodium borohydride, 0.8 g of sodium hydroxide and 80 mL of water is added. The addition is started while stirring the solution, the temperature should be maintained below 20°C. After the addition, the ethanol is removed from the solution by distillation in 79°C. The residue is then poured into a separatory funnel with 100 mL of water, the crude product is extracted twice with 50 mL of DCM, the DCM solution is then washed with 50 mL of dilute HCl and 50 mL of water. The solution is then dried with anhydrous calcium chloride and distilled, the fraction of 85-90°C is collected.



Addition of the borohydride


The two layers


The pure distilled product

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