Synthesis of Carbon Disulfide

Set up a 1 m long 27mm diameter horizontally placed glass tube attached with a 250 mL RBF, to the RBF add 120g of dry sulfur powder and the tube should be filled with dry coarse carbon in a way that the sublimed sulfur can pass through it. The glass tube is attached to a receiver equipped with a condenser, the tube is then heated to about 800-900°C while the sulfur is as hot as it starts to vaporize and condense on the sides of the RBF. The procedure is continued until no more distillate comes over. The condenser should be attached to a plastic tubing connected to a strong sodium hydroxide gas bubbler to destroy the hydrogen sulfide. The distillate is then redistilled twice and dried with some anhydrous magnesium sulfate.

C + 2 S = CS2



The tube filled with charcoal


The heater


The receiver


Molten sulfur vaporizing to the hot carbon tube


Almost all of the sulfur has been evaporated off, the heating is discontinued


The receiver with the impure carbon disulfide


Distillation of the impure material


The sulfur residue


The pure redistilled carbon disulfide

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