Synthesis of Calcium cyanamide

82.5 g of cyanuric acid is dissolved in 1.8 L of near-boiling water with stirring, after which a slow addition of 40 g of sodium hydroxide dissolved in 100 mL of water. Subsequently, 44 g of calcium chloride dissolved in 250 mL of water is added to the solution and it is stirred for 30 minutes. The mixture is then left to stand for 12h, filtered and washed with a copious amount of water to remove soluble salts. The solid intermediate is dried and then placed in a steel crucible which is sealed, a small vent hole is necessary. The crucible is heated until red hot (800°C). A yellowish dry product is obtained.



Addition of the NaOH solution

Addition of the CaCl2 solution

The mixture after left to stand

Filtration and washing

The dry intermediate

The crucible

The pyrolysis

The pure product

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