Synthesis of Bis[2-(methoxycarbonyl)phenyl] oxalate , (MCPO)

All glassware and reactants must be completely dry and anhydrous, in order to archive a good yield. 3.85 g of methyl salicylate and 4.97 g of pyridine are combined with 50 mL of tetrahydrofuran, the flask is then immersed in an ice bath. A gentle addition of 1.6 g of oxalyl chloride is started with vigorous stirring, the mixture is then stirred at room temperature for 1 h. 50 mL of water is added to the mixture and left to stir for 15 minutes, the mixture is then filtered and washed with some water. The product is left to dry in open air.


Addition of the oxalyl chloride

The mixture after stirring

The mixture with water added


The pure product

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