Synthesis of Benzophenone

A reflux apparatus equipped with a pressure equalized addition funnel is set up and filled with 25 mL of dry carbon tetrachloride whereto 35 g of anhydrous AlCl3 is quickly added with suitable stirring. Another 25 mL of dry CCl4 is added to the mixture, the addition funnel is then filled with a solution of 30 mL of dry CCl4 and 30 mL of dry benzene. An addition of 10 mL at a time is started, the reaction is may be started by heating with a bunsen burner if the reaction does not start. Subsequently, the mixture is refluxed with a steam bath for 20 minutes, cooled down and a slow addition of 50 mL of water is started. The solvents and unreacted products are then removed via distillation, the residue is cooled down and poured into a separatory funnel. The aqueous solution is extracted using 33 mL of benzene and added to the upper layer, the crude extract is then dried over anhydrous magnesium sulfate. The extract is then vacuum-distilled (1-2 mmHg) by collecting a fraction of 122-124°C.


Addition of the tetrachloride

Heating the mixture

The removal of the solvents

The residue


The distillation

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