Synthesis of Antimony(III) bromide

A 10 mL ampoule is filled with 5 g of antimony metal powder, whereto a slow addition of 6.4 mL of bromine is started. Care must be taken, the bromine is added drop by drop and time is taken to allow the reactants react. After no more tin powder is seen, 2 mL of excess bromine is added and the ampoule is gently heated to remove all of the excess bromine. Then a Pasteur pipette that has been molded like in the picture shown below, is attached to the ampoule with a gas torch. The distillate is collected into an ampoule, which is later on sealed.

2 Sb + 3 Br2 = 2 SbBr3


The molded Pasteur pipette

The mixture with excess bromine

Distillation of the impure bromide

The distilled product


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