Synthesis of 5-Iodoethylvanillin

In a beaker with stirring dissolve 10 g of potassium iodide, 5 g of sodium bicarbonate in 200 mL of water thereafter add 8.2 g of ethylvanillin, over the course of 30 minutes add 12. g of iodine granules with stirring. Stir for further 3h and let the solution stand for 12h thereafter filter, wash with dilute and cold potassium metabisulfite solution and dry in air. Recrystallize from hot ethanol.

ag bianco

The combined chemicals

ag rosso

Addition of the iodine

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The mixture after standing for 12h, the mixture is now subject to filtration and washing


The crude product dissolving in ethanol


The product crystallizing

prodotto finale

The recrystallized product

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