Synthesis of 5-indanyl-2-nitropropene

9.8 g of 5-indanyl-2-nitropropene, 75 mL of nitroethane and 3 g of dry ammonium acetate are refluxed for 4h. Then the excess nitroethane is removed with a rotary evaporator and the residue is dissolved in 100 mL of ether. The solution is washed 3x 50 mL water and 2x 50 mL brine. The solvent is then removed using a rotary evaporator, and the residue is dissolved in about 10 mL of boiling methanol. The mixture is then placed in a refrigerator to crystallize the crude product out. The mixture is filtered, washed with cold methanol and recrystallized from hot methanol.


The residue

The crude product recrystallized out

The crystallized product

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