Synthesis of α-Naphthyl Methyl Ketone

Prepare an anhydrous alkylating solution by combining 28 g of anhydrous aluminum trichloride, 60 mL of anhydrous DCM and 14,7 mL of dry acetyl chloride with stirring and pour it into an oven dried separatory funnel. Then plug the separatory funnel to an oven dried reflux apparatus with 26 g of dry naphthalene and 60 mL of dry DCM, with stirring heat the solution to about 40°C to dissolve the naphthalene, stop the heating and start a slow addition of the alkylating solution. After the addition heat the solution with stirring in a water bath at 35-40°C for 15 minutes, cool down the solution and pour it to 700 mL of water with some manual stirring. Wash the blackish organic phase with some dilute sodium bicarbonate solution to make it neutral and then with some water. Dry the organic layer with some anhydrous calcium chloride and distill at 297-300°C.



The apparatus with HCl gas trap


The naphthalene fully dissolved


DSCF2910 DSCF2911

Addition of the alkylating solution


Pouring the mixture into the water thereafter the organic phase is washed


The distilled product

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