Synthesis of Succinic acid from Glutamic acid

Combine 25 g of glutamic acid with 60 mL of water, in a large beaker, start adding 13.4 g of ammonium bicarbonate slowly or a specific amount of ammonia in order to produce the corresponding ammonium salt. Start adding 300 mL of 6% hydrogen peroxide with stirring, the temperature must be below 80°C upon adding the hydrogen peroxide. After the bubbling stops start heating the solution to 85°C for an hour. Then evaporate to dryness and recrystallize in methanol or ethanol.



Adding ammonium bicarbonate


Adding hydrogen peroxide slowly


Keeping the solution below 80°C


Heating the solution to 85°C for 1h and evaporating it to dryness.


Succinic acid

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