Synthesis of Sulfur Monochloride

Set up a chlorinating apparatus, 225 g of 60% calcium hypochlorite and 400 mL of conc. hydrochloric acid is used, the chlorine should be dried with calcium chloride tube. Set up a two-neck distillation apparatus, one neck is used for the chlorine bubbling, add 96 g of recrystallized sulfur, start heating to 250°C and start bubbling the chlorine slowly through the molten sulfur. When the top of the distillate starts to turn red the reaction has completed and you need to disconnect the distillate from the main apparatus. Set up for a reflux apparatus, add 20 g of recrystallized sulfur to the sulfur chlorides and start heating till it starts to reflux, reflux until the color changes to very light color then distill. Make sure that you cap the reflux apparatus with a calcium chloride drying tube.

2 S + Cl2 = S2Cl2



The chlorinator


Bubbling chlorine through the molten sulfur


The distillate


Refluxing the sulfur chlorides with sulfur


Distilled sulfur monochloride

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