Preparation of Silicon Tetrachloride

Set up a chlorine generator, 180g of trichloroisocyanuric acid and about 200ml of conc. HCl, pass the chlorine through a drying tube and sulfuric acid. Then add 10g of hot dry fine silicon powder to the horizontal reaction tube, attach the other end to a Liebig condenser cooled with very cold ice water. The collecting flask needs to be cooled with ice water. Then flush the apparatus with the dry chlorine, start to heat the silicon with a gas torch. Rotate the reaction tube 180 degrees every 5 minutes. Chlorine flow should be moderate. When no more of chlorine is generated stop the heating. Distil the red distillate. Store in an amber flask under nitrogen to remove the water present.

Si + 2 Cl2 → SiCl4



The whole apparatus


The reaction tube


Heating the silicon


The distillate, distil this mixture.

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