Preparation of Ethyl iodide from Iodine and Aluminum

Set up a 1-neck reflux apparatus. Combine 30 g of iodine and 50 mL of dry ethanol, then add 6 g of aluminum foil balls the mixture will heat up and start to reflux. The reaction is complete when no more refluxing occurs. Then distill and pour the distillate into a separatory funnel, add saturated NaCl solution and shake vigorously. You should wash it twice. Then wash once with sodium bisulfite solution and then with water. Collect the bottom layer and dry it with some anhydrous calcium chloride. Store with copper powder to stabilize it.



The reaction will start off slowly


The reflux stopped after 3h


Set up for a distillation apparatus


Crude ethyl iodide


Washing with the solutions with shaking

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