Synthesis of Chromyl Chloride

Combine 50 g of dry sodium chloride with 80 g of dry potassium dichromate, the powders must be very fine. Set up for a simple distillation apparatus, attach pressure equalized addition funnel, grease all of the joints with conc. sulfuric acid. Pour 150 mL of conc. sulfuric acid into the addition funnel. Start dropping the sulfuric acid slowly, stop collecting the distillate when no more of deep red liquid distills from the mother liquid. Distil the crude chromyl chloride.

K2Cr2O7 + 4 NaCl + 6 H2SO4 → 2 CrO2Cl2 + 2 KHSO4 + 4 NaHSO4 +3 H2O



The fine powder mixture




Distilled chromyl chloride

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