Extraction of Aleuritic acid from Shellac

To a reflux apparatus add 20g of shellac granules, 80 mL of methanol and 11 g of potassium hydroxide dissolved in 100 mL of water, reflux for 15 minutes. Then the methanol is distilled off completely and the solution is then neutralized until pH of 5 is reached. Then add 4 g of activated charcoal, filter while hot and let stand for 3 days. Then the solution is filtered and the filtrate is added to a beaker with boiling water. Add just enough of ethyl acetate until all of the crude product dissolves. 800mg of activated charcoal and 2-4 g of sodium sulfate is added and the solution is brought to boil. The solution is filtered and few drops of n-hexane are added, the solution is then allowed to stand for 24 h and it is then filtered and dried.





The boiled solution


The crude product


The pure aleuritic acid

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