Distillation of Eugenol from Cloves

To a 2L distillation apparatus equipped with 500 mL addition funnel add 300 mL of freshly powdered cloves and 600 mL of water collect about 800 mL of distillate, extract the crude eugenol 3 times with 60 mL of DCM. Separate the eugenol from the mixture 5 times with 80 mL of 5% KOH solution, make the pH of the solution 1 by adding some HCl, extract the pure eugenol from the acidic solution twice with 70 mL of DCM. Dry the solution with some anhydrous magnesium sulfate, evaporate the DCM off, distill the solution in a vacuum (10.00 mmHg) and collect the fraction of 121-124°C.


(Small-scale setup below)


The clove water mixture


Distillation of the mixture


The eugenol-water suspension

est dcm

Extraction of the crude eugenol

est acq

Purification of the eugenol with the KOH solution


The acidified KOH eugenol solution ready to be extracted using DCM


The pure distilled eugenol

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